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An Autobiography by Dorian Yates

(6 Times Mr Olympia)


Dorian Yates is a 6-times Mr Olympia Winner who has since transcended the sport of professional bodybuilding. 

His journey as a bodybuilder and beyond epitomises his life and philosophy.  Be true to yourself, never forget your indiviuality and strive to savour every moment that life has to offer thus fulfiling your human potential.


Dorian is a loving father to two children, Tahnee and Lewis and a husband to Gal Yates with whom he lives in Spain.  To the rest of the World he is an enigma, mentor, champion, friend, teacher and a Shadow. 



From The Shadow is the true story of a British working class, country boy who endured a series of tragic, devastating events that left him alone in a big city.

From The Shadow is the true story of a man who many say was the greatest bodybuilder of his generation if not all time.  This book chronicles his earliest childhood memories to the maturation and development of the legendary HIT training system, his ascent to the summit of World body building, the Olympia Yates Era and his journey after retiring from the sport he revolutionised.

His friends and family would say that From The Shadow is in actuality the life testament of Doz or D to his friends who through all his fame and glory is still that working class, country boy from the United Kingdom who is a loving father, humble man and loyal friend.


"I had to force myself to put it down - the thought of finishing it, of the most real thing I'd ever read coming to and was unbearable."


"Growing up, the son of a working class man in the 1990s Dorian was and is one of my role models.  His story so honestly told in this book showed me that I could as a young man trying to understand my own purpose in this World, overcome the adversity in my life and achieve my dreams."




From The Shadow was written for all of you who remained by my side throughout my life.  Please contact me using the form below and share your thoughts after reading my book.


Dorian Yates

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